Technical Standards

Each applicant / student must possess certain physical and mental attributes to be able to complete the Clinical Laboratory Science program. Applicants/Students must meet these requirements throughout their enrollment at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. It is the applicant's/student's responsibility to notify the program of any changes that will not allow them to meet the technical standards below:

  • • Functional use of the senses of smell, vision and somatic sensation

  • • Ability to communicate orally and in writing, in English, effectively and efficiently with all members of the healthcare team

  • • Sufficient motor function to perform all tasks that are normally expected within the scope of practice for the practitioner in the workplace

  • • The ability to comprehend, calculate, reason, analyze, synthesize, integrate and apply information

  • • Emotional health allowing for the use of the student's intellectual abilities

  • • The ability to meet the academic expectations of the program

Any applicant who does not meet the technical standards as outlined above is ineligible for admission to the program. Any student whose status changes while enrolled and no longer meets the technical standards as outlined above may not be allowed to continue to progress through the program.