Clinical Lab Science Course Listings

*CLS Course listings are subject to change.

Course Number Course Title Hours
CLS4080 Introduction of CLS Pass/Fail
Semester One
CLS4080 Introduction of CLS Pass/Fail
CLS4000 Clinical Microbiology I 3.0
CLS4020 Clinical Hematology I 3.0
CLS4040 Clinical Chemistry I 3.0
CLS4060 Immunology/Serology 3.0
Semester Two
CLS4010 Clinical Microbiology II 3.0
CLS4030 Clinical Hematology II 3.0
CLS4050 Clinical Chemistry II 3.0
CSL4070 Immunohematology 3.0
Semester Three
CLS4090 Parasitology/Mycology/Virology 3.0
CLS4100 Advanced Topics 3.0
CLS4110 Registry Review 3.0
Clinical Internship
CLS4000L Microbiology Internship 3.0
CLS4020L Hematology Internship 2.0
CLS4040L Clinical Chemistry Internship 3.0
CLS4070L Immunohematology Internship 2.0
Total Cumulative Credits 42.0